showcases the writings of author Brent Marchant, who focuses on metaphysical, spiritual and new age topics, especially as how they're depicted in the movies.
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“Brent is the perfect description of ‘balanced’ to me. He recognizes the necessity of having one hand in the real world while constantly striving to bring the spiritual world into practice and being. Brent’s writings, in short form as on VividLife and FengSHe, and in longer form, as in his book Get the Picture, are informative, funny and just plain smart. I’ve concocted many story ideas from his observations and hope to benefit from his musings for many years to come!”
—Dodie Ownes
SLJ teen

“Brent Marchant is a true philosopher for our time. His writings coherently express to the modern audience a wisdom that is often found exclusively in passages from antiquity.”
—Rev. Bryan D. Ouellette, Ph.D
CEO, MindBrainBody Project
Host, EYE of the SEER Internet Radio Show
Co-host, Man, Myth and the Occult Internet Radio Show

“An expert on films and the mechanics of the law of attraction, Brent Marchant consistently enlightens his audience in both venues. Through this talented author’s eyes, difficult concepts are clarified, made more relevant and, at times, life-changing.”
—Mary E. Barton
Soul Sight
Everyday Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition

“Brent Marchant has his finger on the spiritual pulse of what’s going on in the films we see. And the messages he finds woven into the scripts are sometimes quite amazing. His book, Get the Picture, provides historical perspective as well. Brent’s writing style is informative and entertaining—you can enjoy while you learn.”
—Jean Adrienne
InnerSpeak Radio

“It’s always easier to look at someone else’s life and see how their thoughts and beliefs are creating the circumstances around them. That’s the principle behind Brent Marchant’s wonderfully entertaining and practical book Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies. Not only will you begin to understand conscious creation in a deeper way, you’ll never view a movie, or your own life, the same way again.”
—Lynda Dahl
Beyond the Winning Streak:
 Using Conscious Creation to Consistently Win at Life

“Brent’s enlightening film reviews are like a breath of fresh air, providing our readers with insight into the latest films that really speak to their hearts and souls.”
—Shayne Traviss
Founder, VividLife

“Brent’s insights into the heart and soul of Hollywood have been a big influence for my personal viewing choices. He has a true gift of tapping into the key messages of the movie world, going deeper and beyond what seems to be the surface story for purely entertainment purposes.”
—Rose-Anne Turunen

“Brent, many, many thanks for the sage wisdom you provide in your articles for Your impeccable arrangement of words and phrases inspires our audience with every intention expressed through the conscious creation philosophy you so clearly and eloquently share. It is a message that is vital to the rebalancing of our planet.

“Our online magazine has been realized in great part due to your generosity of spirit. You’ve not only embraced our message personally, but have furthered it with recommendations to other authors and writers who are also collaborating with us.

“We are so very grateful for our growing relationship and for your heartfelt contributions.”
—Mary Giuffre and Paul Clark
Co-Creators, FengSHe

“Brent Marchant truly understands the laws governing how we human beings purposely or inadvertently cause our circumstances. Through his writings he makes this advanced metaphysical knowledge available to the average person. He teaches his readers how to consciously create their own lives.”
—James Goi Jr.
How to Attract Money Using Mind Power

“I recently got to know the writing of Brent Marchant, whom I feel in his book, Get the Picture, has written the definitive work on movies that relate to the evolvement and current relevancy of the medium of motion pictures in this era of visionary entertainment. I liked the book so much, I invited him as a guest on my talk show, Spirit of Film: Conversations (

“I am grateful to recommend such a fine work of literary journalism to anyone who wants to explore the art of the story in films and apply it to the process of spiritual awakening in their own lives. In the annals of film essayists, Brent ranks up there with the best in my book, going as far back as James Agee, along with Richard Schickel, Pauline Kael and Leonard Maltin, but relating films and their meaning and importance in a way that no previous writer has done ever before.

“As I have written in early essays myself, films reflect social and cultural trends and society’s underpinnings. Many authors, journalists, and critics have acknowledged this aspect of movies, and even spoke of their nature as a primary mythical force concealed as an art form that has the power to shape societal trends, in addition to mass human consciousness. They affect the choices we make and how we see ourselves and even show us potential futures we can choose from to create and then live in.

“Brent has done a marvelous job of creating a very comprehensive compendium of the finest examples of visionary films in the last 75 years in his book, and continues to follow new films with great wit and insight in the ‘conscious creation’ genre through ongoing reviews.”
—Randall Libero
Independent Producer
New Media, Web, Internet TV & Radio

“I love Get the Picture! Brent has found a super-creative way to illustrate the concepts behind conscious creation, and even films I previously thought I had no interest in suddenly become intriguing! It’s also a great gift—thought provoking and useful, it paves the way for some really interesting conversations. I’m waiting for volume two!”
—Kerstin Sjoquist
Bliss Trips Guided Meditations

“Brent Marchant brings a refreshing viewpoint to his movie reviews by seeking out the meta-message of each film. He uncovers the often-hidden beliefs, expectations and mindset that draw each character into relationship via their resonant attraction. In so doing, Brent shows us how to look at our own co-creations more lucidly and learn from this cinema verité. Highly recommended!”
—Robert Waggoner
Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

“Brent Marchant’s Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies is an excellent introduction to how Seth’s ideas are expressed in films. He shows how various storylines and characters reflect familiar life challenges and self-generated obstacles, and how they may be overcome as we learn to apply these ideas to our everyday lives.”
—Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D

“Brent has been a guest on my radio show,, and rightly so, because Brent’s mission and our show’s mission vibrate at the same frequency. Brent brings light to the movies he covers with such metaphysical insight that you cannot help but be enlightened by the clarity he offers of each movie. He has fun offering his commentaries and helps you to have fun as well as you read his contributions.”
—Daya Devi-Doolin
Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author
Americans Saving Ourselves Together: How to Thrive in the 21st Century
The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success!

“Brent Marchant takes movie watching to a whole new level of enjoyment. I’ll never look at movies in the same way. In his book, Get the Picture, Brent has taught me how to find the deeper messages and then use these stories in my own conscious creations in life. In addition, I have found so many wonderful movies that I seem to have missed somehow! Thank you, Brent, for this fabulous work!”
—Katana Abbott, CFP(R), Prosperity Coach
Host, Smart Women Talk Radio

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Brent Marchant
Author, Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies

Contributing Writer for the web site FengSHe (
Featured Contributor, Arts & Entertainment, for the online magazine VividLife

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